Weekly Update from Mr. Snyder August 15, 2022

Principal of HMES Jay Snyder.

Good morning HMES Students and Families, 

This is your principal, Mr. Snyder with your weekly Principal's update for the week ahead. I am very proud about how well our opening week of school went last week. The staff and teachers of HM were so glad and excited to see you and welcome you back to school.  

This week we will have grade level assemblies starting Tuesday and finish them by Thursday. We want to talk to you and your classmates about what we expect from you when you are at school. We like that last week we saw you following our Patriot Pride expectations of showing respect to our building, your teachers and staff, and your classmates. Remember, we always walk on the right side of the hallway, we stay as quiet as we can in the halls, and we keep our hands and our feet to ourselves.  In our classrooms, we are kind to our teachers and we are always ready with our good listening ears on as we learn with out teachers. 

Today, we start our specials rotation with our letter F and number 6 specials. We will also be finishing up our laptop distribution. Kindergarten and 1st grade will be getting their iPads later in the week.   

I hope that each of you had a pleasant weekend and are looking forward to school today. I know that I can’t wait to see you and get started with our 2nd week of school. 

Have a nice day,  

Mr. Snyder 

James J. Snyder