HMES Wax Museum exhibit!

Collage of wax exhibit at HMES.

The Hugh Mercer 4th Grade Gifted Intellectual students hosted an Interactive Wax Museum for a class project. The assignment was for each student to chose a person they wanted to learn more about, read a biography on the person, prepare a PowerPoint highlighting interesting facts of the person’s life, create an artifact representing what the person is most known for, design a back drop for their booth and dress in costume of the person for the live, interactive Wax Museum. Administration and parents zooming in could tour the Wax Museum could press a button for the famous person to share the PowerPoint with facts or demonstrate the use of the artifact. The famous people in the exhibit were Ada Lovelace, Jackie Robinson, William Shakespeare, Alexander Hamilton, Pablo Picasso, King Tut, Genghis Khan and Neil Armstrong.