2020-2021 Virtual Orientation

Points of Contact

Principal:  Kim Doucette - kdoucette@cityschools.com
Assistant Principal:  Kisha Frye - kfrye@cityschools.com
Assistant Principal:  Tony Wishard - wwishward@cityschools.com
Principal:  Courtney Wheeler - cwheeler@cityschools.com
Assistant Principal:  Pam Diggs - pdiggs@cityschools.com
Assistant Principal:  Pj Pcsolinski - ppcsolinski@cityschools.com  

Technology Support for Families

Access to the internet will remain available in the parking lots of all schools.

Click Here for a map of hotspots

Click here for a map of homework hotspots

Repair Site:
200 Ferdinand St
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Click Here to submit a technology repair ticket

For Canvas support contact your child's teacher. Click here to view Division Staff Directory

To learn more about home internet support, please call 855-222-3252 or click here. 

Laptops have been ordered for all 3rd grade students.

Breakfast and Lunch for Students

Attendance During Distance Learning


Here are the ways you can check your student in to be marked “present” for the school day:
  • K-5 teachers will offer two OPTIONAL daily check-ins each day.  Check-ins will be either an email to reply to or a zoom call.   Contact your child’s teacher to find out their daily check-ins schedule if you have not already.
  • Daily check-ins can be used as daily attendance.  However, other methods will be used as well.  
  • Students who are unable to attend a daily check-in will still be present for the school day if one of the following things takes place:
    • The family emails their child’s teacher during the school day 
    • The family talks by phone to their teacher/the school within the school day
    • The family uses a teacher-family app (Remind, Dojo) to check in with their child’s teacher within the school day
    • The student has a 1:1 session with their teacher
We know school looks very different this year, and want to be sure we offer multiple ways to connect -- as well as be “present” for school. 

Distance Learning Plan

INSTRUCTION K-5: Math & Language (Reading, Spelling, Phonics, Writing) will be taught in asynchronous lessons.  Pre-recorded lessons and assignments will be available to students through Canvas  - our “homebase” for learning. 
Students can work at their own pace,  However, we suggest students complete one lesson per day, per content area, to stay on-pace.   
Teachers will share all lessons by Monday morning at 8 a.m.  Due dates will be given by your child’s teachers -- please, contact them directly with questions.  
CORE INSTRUCTION:  Social Studies and Science will be integrated into Language and Math instruction for K-3 students.  Grade 4 will teach social studies/science to prepare for the end of year test.  Grade 5 will teach science/history to prepare for the end of year test. 
SPECIAL AREA:  Pre-recorded lessons will also be given each week for P.E., Health, Art, Music, and World Language.  Students may complete these lessons at their own pace.  However, we suggest completing one lesson per day.  Please, reach out to special area teachers with any content-specific questions.  They will also be available from 11:30-1:30 for office hours.  
Special Area Teachers’ Contact Information:
P.E.:  Garret John (gjohn@cityschools.com) , Bilnita Armstead (barmstead@cityschools.com), Jolene Jonas (jjonas@cityschools.com)
Art:  Heather Wright (hcwright@cityscshools.com)
Music:  Kat Micks (kmicks@cityschools.com
French:  Aude Mann (amann@cityschools.com)
Library:  Norma Bourne (nbourne@cityschools.com)
P.E.:  Antonio Coghill (acoghill@cityschools.com), Emily Flynn (eflynn@cityschools.com
Art: Erin Martinelli (emartinelli@cityschools.com)
Music: Cheri Mitchell (cmmitchell@cityschools.com)
Spanish:  Jessica Lockwood (jlockwood@cityschools.com)
Library:  Michelle Silvestri (msilvestri@cityschools.com
GRADES will be recorded for assignments correlated to pre-recorded lessons.  Please, contact your child’s teacher directly with questions.    
LIVE CHECK-INS  will be given K-5 each day beginning August 31st.  These sessions are optional and do not count as a grade. 
OFFICE HOURS for all teachers are M-F from 11:30 - 1:30.  Teachers are available for family support (email, phone call, online meetings) during this time.  Please, reach out to your child’s teacher directly for support.  
IEP/LIEP students will receive specialized instruction required by the IEP (Individual Education Program) for students with disabilities and LIEP (Language Instructional Education Program) team.  
Contact your child’s case manager to discuss their specific accommodations & services and to set up appointments for support. 
Our school counselors are available during office hours from 11:30-1:30 to support your child as well as by appointment.  Please, reach out to them for support.  
They will be sharing weekly pre-recorded lessons (not graded) for students in grades K-5 on each teacher’s Canvas Page. 
Elizabeth White (ewhite@cityschools.com) & Laura Mungo (lmungo@cityschools.com)
Janet Nelson (jnelson@cityschools.com) & Annette Richards (arichards@cityschools.com)